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The European Union allocates a high percentage of its funds to the development of programs aimed at financing the R+D+I of the member countries. These programs cover a variety of topics such as innovation, the environment, climate change, education, or regional development.

Invepat has a specific department of European project management. The consultants of this department maintain direct contact with the European Commission thanks to its high level of dialogue.

Grant calls

Notable European programs and calls:

Instrumento Pyme (SME Instrument)

Instrumento Pyme (SME Instrument)

Programa LIFE

Programa LIFE

Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

How we work?

What is the Invepat methodology?

Invepat Methodology graphic


It is called by the acronym H2020 or Horizon 2020 the European Framework Program of Support for Research and Innovation that takes place during the period 2014-2010. This program, which has a budget that exceeds 80 billion euros, promotes multi-year calls for various topics that have the political backing of European leaders and members of the European Parliament. The main objective of H2020 is to help Europe produce science with global impact, eliminate barriers to innovation and facilitate the public and private sectors working together for elite innovation.

Some of the most important calls in which Invepat is specialised are:

  • SMEInstrument
  • COSME Program
  • Eurostars

We invite you to visit the official website of H2020 in the following link H2020


The LIFE program is the only instrument of the European Union dedicated exclusively to the environment. Its objective is to contribute to sustainable development and the achievement of the objectives and goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy in the field of environment and climate. Next, a list of the project typologies of the 2028-2020 call is presented:

  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Environment and Efficiency in the Use of Resources
  • Environmental Governance and Information
  • Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Adaptation of Climate Change
  • Governance and Climate Information
  • Integrated Projects Environment and Climate Action
  • Technical Assistance Projects

We invite you to visit the official website of LIFE in the following link LIFE

Cdti Europa

In addition to national calls, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) manages European programs thanks to co-financing from Structural and Investment Funds and the European Investment Bank. Some of CDTI's most important European calls are:

  • Innterconecta
  • Innoglobal
  • Eurostars


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Access to privileged information at European level

Improvement of the company's image due to international growth

Development of new knowledge applicable to future projects