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In Invepat, since 2012 we have been providing consulting services for the improvement of business management. We have a clear focus on results.

Your success is our success.

Feasibility studies

It is the evaluation and analysis of the potential of a project, with the objective of supporting the decision-making process in an objective and rational way, discovering its strengths and weaknesses, and its opportunities and threats, as well as determining the necessary resources to take it to and, ultimately, their prospects and chances of success.

Business plans

It is a written document that every entrepreneur or established company must develop in order to plan, evaluate and control all the most important aspects of the business.

It is an essential tool when you want to start up a business project, whatever the professional experience of the promoter or promoters and the dimension of the project.

For companies already established, a well-designed Business Plan can help to bring back some commercial, productive, organisational or financial aspect. It can also be used as a basis for the development of both investment and R+D+i projects.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is nothing more than a set of functional plans, a systems approach to guide a company during a given time through its environment, to achieve the objectives set.

Strategic planning is defined as the set of formal activities aimed at produce a strategic formulation. These activities can be very varied. In Invepat, we understand this process divided into four phases:

- Formulation of organisational objectives

- Analysis of the strengths and limitations of the company

- Analysis of the environment

- Formulation of strategic alternatives

Innovation management

Innovation is presented as a determining factor for companies, as it has become its most important engine of transformation and growth.

In Invepat, we help you to explore and define the innovation management of your company, for this we will analyse the functions of your company and study different models of innovation management, to adapt and implement the most appropriate to current needs.

Among the models to be used during the study phase, are;

- UNE 166002



- IMP3rove

What is the Invepat methodology?

1. Assessment. We perform the initial assessment or diagnosis of the business, where we identify the weaknesses, improvement and opportunities. We propose a realistic action plan, where we look for solutions and quantify their impact.

2. Execution. We implement the action plan with the team, integrating ourselves on a day-to-day basis. We activate new practices to achieve results and accelerate the speed of implementation, involving and training the team.

3. Follow-up. Our goal is to ensure that the results last beyond our collaboration, updating and helping to keep up with the best management practices.


Better plan the treasury since the deduction is applied on the Corporation Tax

Being a right of your company, there is no competition with third parties

You have a period of up to 18 years to apply them

They do not tax and are compatible with other grants and subsidies

The projects can comprise several years