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Invepat Methodology graphic

The tax deductions for R+D+I are grants in the form of tax incentives that are applied to the Agency Tax and that are destined to companies that are investing in R+D+i. In Invepat we provide companies with access to these interesting tax deductions with maximum security. Thus, we help your company to benefit from this tax incentive without dedicating great efforts, while we perform as experts in the matter the processes that the activity demands.

Recover up to 59% of your R+D+i expenses

With the aim of increasing the competitiveness of companies, the government of our country offers tax deductions that allow your company to recover up to 59% of the expenses linked to the R+D+I activity such as: personnel costs, amortisation of assets, prototyping materials collaborations and other related expenses. In addition, since the entry into force of the Law of Support for Entrepreneurs, there is also the possibility to apply the deduction without limitation in the fee or even to request the payment in the event that the company does not have sufficient quota to apply the deduction.

What is the Invepat methodology

Invepat Methodology graphic


Better plan the treasury since the deduction is applied on the Corporation Tax

Being a right of your company, there is no competition with third parties

You have a period of up to 18 years to apply them

They do not tax and are compatible with other grants and subsidies

The projects can comprise several years