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Somos una consultoría estratégica que da respuesta a las necesidades empresariales de las personas y sus proyectos,

resolviendo problemas de financiación, gestión o comunicación,

generando resultados positivos para el negocio y para la mejora del entorno social y ambiental.


Financial management, both operational and corporate, is currently configured as one of the key and critical areas in any company, regardless of its size or activity.

We are in an optimal situation to face the study of business financing decisions, as well as banking negotiations, at a time when structural reforms are taking place in the different European financial systems and, more specifically, in Spanish. Obtaining the necessary financing to undertake your investment project or R+D+i is a fundamental pillar of its structure.

There are innumerable sources to which we can present your project and with which we have regular contact.

Obtain the necessary financing for your investment or R+D+i project

After the definition of your project, whether it is investment or R+D+i, in Invepat we analyze the different possibilities of financing it, presenting the best conditions.